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              When I think back on the last 12 years and what it took to get me to Karma and earn the title of hair Artist, the answer has to be you the people, Over the years it has been my guests who have opened my eyes to the Variety of their needs, what suits them, what works for their lifestyle, how they want to see themselves, what their Dreams are, their passions. And how their look fits into their very Life. It is the knowledge the Guest have given me, that I in turn translate and use to come up with a desired look for you that not only makes you feel confident, empowered and great but at the end of the day Beautiful. This is a Beauty that will be shown to your friends, co workers,  family and even passers by, Something the radiates the real you and how you feel about life and the people you love. For me Beauty and the complete look is so much more than what we see on the surface, but how we view each other and the world around us. When you choose me as your Artist I want to impart the wealth of my experience over the years in working with so many individuals finding a personalized look that is right for you at this  moment in your life. I have approached Beauty and my craft from a MIND BODY SPIRIT approach! I firmly believe that when you feel Beautiful it empowers your mind and when you feel good about yourself I believe it strengthens your body by elevating your Spirit, And when you feel good about you, you only in turn spread that to the people around you!
             When you come to Karma and choose me as your Artist I want to help you open your eyes to a world of possibilities.... that might be Color a part of my craft that I am so passionate about, or that may be Cut, I love Classic Beauty, Sophisticated looks, fun chic, and most of all Modern. I want you to leave feeling Modern and today, and excited about what life has in store for you tomorrow! This goes for the Gentleman as well, who I like to view as slick, cool, classic and also very much the epitome of the modern man. I have to say in my Career and what I have seen throughout my life as not only a Hair Artist but also at times a guest that I have never Felt a Passion and a vital positive energy that is quite like Karma, My home here was crafted to be your home away from home, a place where you can come relax, escape, unwind, and feel Taken care of, That is my Mission and the Mission of the Entire team at Karma, that once you enter our doors you will be taken care of, and that when you leave you will know that I will be here for you, that your needs don't stop when you exit our doors, to know that you have a place to call your own whatever your Beauty needs may be...It is because of that belief in you and and your life's desires that I feel So Blessed to be a Part of the Karma Experience, Every day I am excited about who it is who will walk through the door, and what I can do to make them the be look and feel their absolute best, And I hope that the next person who chooses me to help them achieve a perfect look and beauty for themselves will be You!