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Vogue Magazine: “At Erwin Gomez’s Karma Beauty Lounge in D.C., even the basic manicure looks more like a gel job—and it lasts forever. With its sumptuous leather chairs, modernist accents, and lots of marble, it’s one of the prettiest beauty spaces I’ve seen.”

Manicure $24
Pedicure $50
Vinylux™* Manicure $27
Vinylux™* Pedicure $53
Shellac™* Gel Manicure $45
Shellac™* Gel Pedicure $70
Shellac™* Gel Removal and Reapplication Manicure $53
Shellac™* Gel Removal and Reapplication Pedicure $83
French Finish add $10
Gel Removal Hands or Feet $15
Full Set of Acrylic/Gel $80
Acrylic/Gel Fills $50
Polish Change Hands $15
Polish Change Feet $20
Add a 15 Min. Hand or Leg Massage $25
Nourishing Paraffin Hand Treatment $18
Nourishing Paraffin Foot Treatment $22
  COMING SOON. Our nourishing paraffin treatments are perfect for dry, cracked skin. This is an eco-friendly treatment made of 100% plant-based emollients and pure essential oils that leaves your hands and feet feeling moisturized, soft and supple.

Honey Lavender Mani/Pedi

Pamper your tired hands and feet with this relaxing retreat. Your indulgence begins with a warm buttery nectar milk soak, next is a raw honey-lavender oil salty scrub down. Finish with a hydrating lava wax wrap and a creamy Shea butter massage fragranced with lavender notes. With the lingering scrumptiousness, you’ll be floating out the door!
Manicure $35 Pedicure $60
Make it Vinylux™* add $3
Make it Shellac™* Gel add $20

Ultimate Moroccan Oil Mani/Pedi

Slip away for a hand renewal that begins with the hands and feet dipping into a dreamy buttery whole milk to start your journey to a land of never ending bliss! Our unique and luxurious orange peel scrub gently exfoliates the skin, preparing it for the rich hydrating effects of a Moroccan oil’s honey lavender-scented Intense Hydrating Treatment and a warm lava hydrating wax enveloping your hands and feet. Finishing with a heavenly hand/foot and leg massage with our signature Body Soufflé, enriched with Argan oil and creamy Shea butter leaving your skin soft and rejuvenated.
Manicure $45 Pedicure $70
Make it Vinylux™* add $3
Make it Shellac™* Gel add $20

About our premium polishes

*CND™ Vinylux™ polish is the first ever long wearing polish infused with vitamin E, Keratin and jojoba oil. This polish will give your nails high shine and chip-resistant wear that lasts up to seven days.
*CND™ Shellac™ nail polish requires zero drying time, which makes it perfect if you’re always on the go. This chip-resistant polish boasts up to 14 days of high performance shine.

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