September 2016


Erwin’s Favorite Place To Store Makeup May Surprise You

A new season means a new you. You’re trading in your linens for corduroys, your sandals for boots, and you’re changing your makeup palette too – especially this year. We go from nude lips and sun-kissed skin to darker glosses and foundation for a more wintry complexion. When you pack away your summer whites, where […]

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Get Perfect DIY Winged Eyeliner With Erwin’s Trick

It’s all over Vogue Magazine’s 2016 September issue: Fall’s hottest trend is winged eyeliner. This season, there is no such thing as an eyeliner wing too long or too pointed. So how does one achieve this perfect winged liner look at home? Check out Erwin’s special trick to have perfect cat eyes in minutes: A […]

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Erwin Reveals Fall’s Newest Makeup Trend You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Plum lips? Winged eyeliner? No, this fall makeup trend is much more groundbreaking than your usual autumn palette change. We’re talking about double lashes. As in, high fashion runways and photoshoots are layering not one, but TWO strips of lashes on their subject’s faces. Here, Erwin Gomez explains in a short video how the trend […]

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