Erwin’s Favorite Place To Store Makeup May Surprise You

September 30, 2016

A new season means a new you. You’re trading in your linens for corduroys, your sandals for boots, and you’re changing your makeup palette too – especially this year. We go from nude lips and sun-kissed skin to darker glosses and foundation for a more wintry complexion. When you pack away your summer whites, where do you put your bronzer?

Erwin recommends a special place in your home for storing your makeup – your refrigerator. “Don’t let your cosmetics sit in the bottom of your makeup bag. It will keep in the fridge because it’ll better retain moisture.” Keeping it stored in your bathroom exposes your makeup to damage from the heat and moisture from showers.

Did you know freezing your makeup overnight will kill germs? Before you store your makeup in the fridge, consider letting it have a sleepover in the freezer for a night – but only for a night, as keeping it in the freezer longer than that could dry it out. Other tools, like brushes and sponges, could also benefit from a night in the freezer.

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Erwin shows some of his favorite lip liners and glosses

Erwin shows some of his favorite fall 2016 lip liners and glosses


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