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December 27, 2016

At KARMA, our team of professionals take their crafts seriously. Education for them didn’t end in school; they all love to keep up on the latest trends seen on top tier celebrities, in magazines, on television and more.
From time to time, we also invite outside professionals to KARMA to teach us new techniques. We had a Schwarzkopf professional in recently to teach us new bayalage techniques; watch this footage Tim shot:

It’s hard to pinpoint anything now that is “out of style.” There is no one hairstyle right now that is a must-have which leaves a lot of room for you and your KARMA stylist to be creative. Compare this to the spring of 2017, when nearly everyone wanted shoulder-length hair with loose curls – now you can opt for something longer, or shorter; straighter or curled; highlighted or flat and you will still be “on trend.”

If you are looking for trends that are really new, we recommend moving away from bombshell curls in favor of curls where the ends are left straight. If you want to change up your straight hair, tease the top of your head for a more voluminous crown and rock a middle part. One should also opt for a blunt-end cut over one with layers. With that said, these are very cutting-edge trends and you may want to go more traditional in some circumstances, like a wedding.

Our hair artist, Skyler, nails the teased-top, middle part, blunt cut look:

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We hope this blog post was helpful to you as you decide what to do to your hair in the new year! Please use this link to request your next appointment at KARMA or call 202.293.3333.

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