Now at KARMA: Platinum Seamless Hair Extensions

December 5, 2018

Long, thick, beautiful hair is a sign of health, youth, and vitality, so it’s no wonder that a lot of our guests come to KARMA looking for treatments that help them achieve this look. One of the best ways to have longer, thicker hair – and have color without commitment – is with hair extensions, and we are excited to offer a new line of hair extensions: Platinum Seamless.

Platinum Seamless hair extensions by Skyler in our DC salon.

From the leaders in hair extension systems, Platinum Seamless delivers customizable, damage-free solutions for everyone who desires healthy looking hair. These extensions provide a variety of tailored application methods perfect for every hair type, condition and lifestyle. This revolutionary system offers the most comfortable adhesive attachment and guarantees the highest-quality results in the industry.

Platinum Seamless developed their extensions with the most comfortable attachment available.

Extensions can be shampooed, colored, blow dried, prepped and styled. They last so well that as your hair grows out, the extensions may be re-used and re-attached!

Platinum Seamless before and after by Evelyn in our Park Potomac salon. This is how one set of extensions look after being put in and pre-coloring; some shade matches are so close that no coloring is needed.

If you’re thinking about getting these revolutionary extensions for yourself, there are a few tips to be aware of so your service is as smooth as possible. For example, don’t worry about washing your hair before your extensions service; your KARMA hair artist will clarify and condition your hair with special shampoo to prepare for the extensions. You should also tell your artist if you wear ponytails often so your extensions can be specially placed to allow maximum comfort.

Platinum Seamless extensions by Brandon in our Park Potomac salon.

You will need to refrain from washing your hair 48-72 hours after the extensions are put in. After that time frame, you’ll need to come back to KARMA for your scheduled “maintenance blow dry,” which is a part of your Platinum Seamless extensions service. Your hair artist will teach you how to wash your hair with the extensions and how to blow dry them.

Before and after Platinum Seamless by Lucy in our DC salon. This is a perfect shade match and no additional coloring was needed.

Some guests have said the extensions take a little getting used to. It is normal to feel a “tight” sensation the day after as the extensions settle, then it should disappear and you’ll forget you even have extensions in! Other guests have said their extensions felt like part of their hair from the get go.

Before and after Platinum Seamless extensions by Johannie in our Park Potomac salon.

Platinum Seamless Extensions are made of the finest human virgin remy hair. This means the cuticles are kept intact and not stripped, which happens in most other non-remy hair extensions. Preserving the cuticles and aligning them in a unidirectional fashion creates extensions that are completely natural in appearance and behavior.

Before and after Platinum Seamless by Victor in our DC salon.

Platinum Seamless on a client that suffers from hair loss, by Ji in our DC salon.

All of our hair artists in Park Potomac and West End are certified in Platinum Seamless extensions. Due to the customized nature of extensions, pricing is determined upon consultation. Call DC 202.293.3333 or
Park Potomac 301.720.0320 to schedule a Platinum Seamless consultation with us as soon as you can so you can start enjoying them.

Before and after Platinum Seamless extensions by Nariye in our DC salon.

“I loved the Platinum Seamless extensions Ryan put in my hair. The color match was dead on so no additional color was needed. For the first time, my fine hair felt thick and voluminous. I loved wearing and styling it. I enjoyed the maintenance blow dry because I learned how to shampoo and style my new hair. I can’t wait to wear these again and again! Here’s goodbye to my thin, fine hair.” -Sophie

Before and after Platinum Seamless by Johannie in our Park Potomac salon

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