Brazilian Blow Outs at KARMA

March 11, 2016

Want a break from wild hair? Tired of spending a long time straightening and styling your hair each morning? There’s a KARMA service for that: The Brazilian Blowout. It is the only smoothing treatment that can be customized to keep curl and lose frizz – or to achieve a sleek and straight result. Once you have this treatment done to your hair, you’ll significantly reduce drying and styling time. This treatment may last for up to 12 weeks.

A major benefit of the Brazilian Blow Out treatment is that it is finished at KARMA with no “down time.” This means you can leave our salon and immediately wash your hair, exercise, and even put it in a stylish ponytail or clip without having to wait days for the treatment to set in.

Brazilian Blow Outs at KARMA start at $450.


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