Lash Out at KARMA

May 19, 2016

Lash out – in a good way! Long, whispy eyelashes are an incredible way to add a certain “je ne sais quoi” to your best looking self.

At KARMA, we thicken the appearance of your eyelashes in three ways:

  • Strip lashes (starts at $35)
  • One-by-one lashes (starts at $55)
  • XTreme Eyelash Extensions (starts at $350, touch-ups recommended every 3 weeks $120)

Strip lashes and one-by-one lashes are ideal for voluminous lashes, and are typically an add-on to a makeup service at KARMA. They last all day and into the evening, and we recommend removing them before you go to bed.

strip lashes

Examples of strip lashes. We have lashes in real and synthetic hair.

Strip lashes come in pairs, while one-by-one lashes are the tiny fan-like lashes, which we apply to your eyes one fan at a time.

Strip lashes on a client, by Laura London

One-by-one lashes on a client, by Laura London

XTreme Eyelash extensions last longer – about two to three weeks. Many of our clients like to get these ahead of summer vacations so they can feel confident swimming and hanging out by the beach and pool without putting on makeup.

Eyelash Extensions

Examples of XTreme eyelash extensions by Adrian

Extensions are also a great fit for brides because the lashes last from rehearsal dinner, through the wedding day, through the honeymoon, and onto those first few weeks back at work.

Laura London DC

Xtreme Eyelash Extensions by Laura London.

Let’s pump up the volume on your lashes. Call 202.293.3333 or click here to set up your appointment with us.

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