Fall and Winter 2016 Hair Trends You Should Know About

October 26, 2016

These days, it may seem like “anything goes” when it comes to fashion. There are a few trends, particularly with hair, you should know about.

  • One length is better than layers
    • That’s right: the layering trend is coming to an end. Once made popular by Jennifer Aniston’s character Rachel on Friends, nearly two decades late we are finally bidding adieu to layers in favor of uniform-length hair. For an extra on-trend look, skip face-framing layers, too.

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    • Middle part
      • Smooth and sleek middle parts are in. Use hairspray to tame flyaways for a high fashion look.


      • Blondes: Go for warmer highlights
        • Say bye to summer’s beachy white highlights. Instead, go for a warmer blonde look with yellow tones. This is a more elegant way to express lighter hair color for the cooler monthse
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        • Bangs are back
          • A little fringe above the brow is a YES for this season. If you don’t want to completely commit to bands but want to try them out, ask us about extensions so you can enjoy them without having to “grow them out” later.

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